Chris & I holidayed at a resort in Torba, near Bodrum, in Turkey. The location was beautiful, and the weather was perfect, but we won't be doing that again! Against my better instincts, I booked an all-inclusive package, on a friend's recommendation. By the second day we felt we were going "stir crazy"!

However, we did get out and about, with trips to Ephesus and Pamukule (where we swam in Cleopatra's Pool) a cruise around the Bodrum peninsula, and excursions by bus into Bodrum (and getting ripped-off in the market!)

We started the holiday with Turkish Baths, which lasted about three hours. By the end, sad git that I am, I just wanted a beer, ‘though Chris was all for dragging me off to our room!

We did some water sports, and I got Chris to go tandem parasailing with me. She took it all in her stride but, as always, due to my fear of heights, my stomach felt like it was performing cart-wheels and I felt a dizzy sensation of fighting the compulsion to jump.

For fiction, I read "Fallen Angel" - Andrew Taylor's trilogy of novels about different periods in the life of a psychopathic killer – and for non-fiction Anthony Loyd's "Another Bloody Love Letter" – about his experiences in the last 15 years as a war correspondent in all the major conflicts of the period, set against a back-drop of his fight against heroin addiction - all riveting reads.

Despite my poor choice of holiday type, it provided a much-needed break, and opportunity to "recharge the batteries", 'though by the end of two weeks I was glad to return home, and get back to work.