I was supposed to start the week in an 8.00 am meeting with the Chief Executive and others, about the Children & Young People ICT programme, but missed the meeting after an hour sat in the queue at the Blackwall Tunnel. Fortunately, Geoff was there for ICT.

Later, Geoff and I met with our Enterprise Strategy Consultant to discuss his work programme. He is to interview Andrew Gill, as the first Chair of the new ICT Stakeholder Board (about which more anon) in connection with the "Heat Mapping" project. He will also engage with Corporate Research and our Portfolio Management in developing Personas to model ICT exploitation over time.

It was also suggested that the ICT Flexible Working Party (whose set-up I neglected to mention last week) interview Ged about the approach adopted in Microsoft.

We also agreed to seek a slot to at the Council's Strategic Management Board to present the work on service optimisation and modelling the future.

In the evening, I attended an "Ideal Government" dinner at One Aldwych, hosted by Kable (who I hadn't realised were recently taken-over by the Guardian) to discuss how the transformational agenda in the public sector contributes to the Greening of the UK.

A number of the great and the good in public sector IT, our suppliers and WWF were there to enjoy a jolly good dinner and attempt to put the world to rights. William Heath, who founded Kable in 1990, chaired.

Actually, there was some impassioned debate but, in the end, my own views that most of what's good for the environment is also more efficient/less costly – and therefore makes good business sense in these times of constant belt-tightening – and that technology can't be held-back, but will deliver the answers, were unchanged.

The figures that stuck in my mind, however, are that the UK creates 2% of world pollution, but is responsible for 26%.

Some related web-sites, worth a look, are WWF, Ideal Government (where we plan to set-up a discussion board) and Open Rights Group.