Chris has had a great time in the Partners' Programme, this week – enjoying the company, particularly of Lynne, Ken Keene's wife, Gayle, and Chris Bareuther, wife of Rick - a Vice President from Nevada. They had trips to Smithville and Cape May, and a dolphin-watching trip, which, for her, was the highlight.

It was when we were all preparing to depart that it occurred to me that a number of the domestic delegates have just as far to fly home as we do – and why, therefore, GMIS makes greater use of conferencing to conduct its business!

I inadvertently booked the wrong flight home (Friday, instead of Thursday)! It was going to cost over £300 to change, so we decided to stay for an extra day (holiday) in Philadelphia, and booked-into the Marriott, downtown. Bruce Miller dropped us off on his way to Philadelphia Airport for his 4 hour flight to Salt Lake City.

We'll be flying out tomorrow at 9.00pm, arriving 9.25am on Saturday back at Heathrow.