I listened with dismay to news of the HMRC's loss of 25m personal records. Aside from revelation of the lack of fundamental systems security, my worries are that this incident further plays to those who campaign against the national ID programme, and personal liberty fears.

And yet, in my view, the national ID programme, as part of an industry wide federated identity management approach, is a major part of the solution not the problem. As shown in the following diagram that Geoff is using in his presentations on Wednesday and Thursday, whether they realise or not, most people have already lost all control of their identities.

At every opportunity, when speaking at any event that's even vaguely connected with the subject, I also question why the Government and industry haven't proactively managed the adoption of IPv6. Surely, this is another key to combating computer crime, enabling, as it does, the tracking of all Internet communications back to source?