I was dismayed to read that, according to Silicon IT jobs are increasingly disproportionately held by men.

A long-standing goal for IT management has been to address the gender imbalance, but I hadn't realised we were actually losing further ground! This is all the more surprising given the ever-broadening scope of our profession, into areas like information governance, social computing and telehealth.

The Gartner Research report tells IT professionals to change the way they "recruit, train and foster subordinates' careers", particularly in government. I guess this is something we should turn our attention to in Socitm.

In a catch-up meeting with Rich Gwyther, Newham's Microsoft Account Manager, we covered bench-marking, potential Socitm partnership, support for our move to Building 1000, sustainable IT, our relationship with Orange, licensing proposals and IPTV.

I also raised the recent ComputerWorld UK story "Windows is slowly collapsing says Gartner". I think there's little doubt that Windows tries to be all things to all people, which would be OK if it was genuinely modular, and you could just choose the bits you wanted.

Throughout its development the pattern has been to expand Windows to embrace new functionality and technologies, but with the explosion of change we're seeing now – convergence, virtualisation, the cloud – it really must be at a crossroads.

However, Windows is here and now, and Microsoft is active in all the new technologies, so I'm far from persuaded that it will not become a truly modular base on which to build your preferred technology configuration. There are to be 9 versions of the new server product, so that may be a sign of movement in that direction.

I met Adrian Hancock, Socitm's Operations Director, to plan for the upcoming AGM and to discuss a host of other developments that we'll be discussing with members and stakeholders, but which I can't yet go into here. Suffice to say, we have a very full agenda!