I was judging an entry by a supplier of security technology to a certain financial institution for the Computing Awards for Excellence 2008 when I read this.

If Mr. Hornby has put his bank statements out in the rubbish, without shredding them, that, of course, is nothing to do with his organisation's ICT. I'm sure its security technology is great. Interesting, 'though, that he apparently still has printed statements delivered?

Apart from staying on-top of correspondence, I did little other than awards judging all day, and haven't yet got half way!

You remember that I mentioned I experimented with Tag Clouds, a little while ago? Well, I now have a live Cloud at the end of each entry in the version of my Blog that's maintained at ComputerWorldUK. I'm told it will get better over time but, already, I have used my offline version to quickly locate and refer back to previous points. I'll be interested in any observations on this utility.

I'm on holiday, tomorrow, and Chris and I are off to Somerset for a wedding. We have weddings to go to on Saturday & Sunday, too!