The PUG meeting was at the Friends' Meeting House, in Euston – another regular Socitm haunt. The main business was to agree our proposals on the new Socitm organisation to next week's National Council meeting.

We had accepted the offer of help from SocITM affiliates to assist in reviewing my original straw-man, and framing the resolutions that need to be put to our AGM, next month. David Houston coordinated their input for our consideration.

The negotiation was good-natured, but tough. I had to concede on a few points, but I am happy that we have a pragmatic and workable solution.

The recommended board, which I wanted to be no more than 10, is 12. It will consist of 10 non-executive directors, comprising the elected presidential team (of five) and five further directors nominated by the president's team. Finally, there will be two executive directors, which will include the head of the paid service and one other (to be decided). The current president's team is advising that, if the proposals are agreed, it will appoint the heads of the present five Socitm activity groups as directors, following the AGM.

The proposed membership model for the new Socitm (for all in ICT in the public sector) will be based on organisational and individual membership options for both the public sector and those in working in the private sector but for the public sector. We are also proposing a sponsorship model based on strategic partnerships.

We agreed an "issues register" of all work we have identified as part of the review and reorganisation, indicating who (if anyone) is leading the requisite work, progress and estimated timescales. This will be maintained on the GovX site.

There will be a president's team blog on the SocITM web-site from April. For my part, it will be a continuation of my current diary, but include contributions from other team members concerning their Socitm activities.

A great deal more ground was covered, which I cannot yet report, but all-in-all, although there is clearly a great deal of work to do. I'm very optimistic about Socitm's future.