I teleconferenced with Martin Scarfe, Rich Gwyther and another Microsoft colleague about our NeAT programme and the Health Demonstrator project with a view to exploring ways of mainstreaming, and making links with other TeleHealth/ Assistance projects with which Microsoft are involved.

The Resources Board met, this morning, and we discussed the new Programme Office arrangements, draft Service Planning Guidance and a new format Organisational Health indicator report. (It was inaccuracies in the content of the former report that resulted in ICT being set an overtime savings target of £350k by the Star Chamber when, in fact, we only spend a total of £80k!)

The Programme Office will have a sub-group to review and support the development of proposals to the Resources Board. I will be appointing the Head of Portfolio Management, and Portfolio Managers, as appropriate to each meeting agenda, to join that team.

There was also a lengthy discussion of the resource requirements for the new Front Office programme.

In reviewing the RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status of projects, we focussed on those flagged red, of which there were quite a few, ensuring that appropriate attention/ action was being taken by services.

All new projects will now be reviewed by the Resources Board, which can grant corporate funding to small projects (up to £50k) and will make recommendations concerning all other projects to the Newham Executive Board.

I met Martin Scarfe to discuss action urgently required to address ICT Programme Management requirements in Adult Services, following the departure of another Project Manager, and we agreed a recommended plan of action to the Service's executive.

Following that I had a one-to-one review with Bob, following which Alf and I had arranged to brief the Chief Executive on progress in the Network Convergence development, and seek his support in engaging with key stakeholders required to support the business case, including Service Heads and executives in the other Olympic boroughs.

I was supposed to go to a Society of Information Technologists function at Canary Wharf but, by the time I finished in the office, it was too late.