Sad news - TreVoR Wilkinson (founder of what became the TVR Motor Company) died on Friday, after a long illness.

More on Britain's surveillance society. I still think Vision, Strategy and an effective communications plan will help.

Today didn't go quite as planned. I arranged a day in the office, with four meetings. Two were postponed, this morning, because of injury and over-commitment of the third parties.

It gave me time to catch-up with correspondence but, still, I have come to resent time lost travelling for meetings – especially when they don't happen!

I did have a good meeting with John Gandley and colleagues from Gandlake, who are interested in strategic partnership with Socitm. We are very interested in developing the sort of relationship they propose, and Adrian is already leading work on consulting suppliers about the sort of relationships they would appreciate.

I said we'd write to Andrew Bennett (Gandlake Marketing Manager) with details of the assets we've identified that could be utilised in partnerships, and Andrew will respond saying how they would wish to work with us.

I went home early to cut the grass, which I didn't get around to doing at the weekend, then, at Chris's suggestion, started packing for Le Mans, rather than leave it to the last minute (tomorrow night).