Priya Javeri, a Newham ICT Portfolio Manager, circulated this presentation from a "Microsoft UK Innovation Day" that she attended, to Newham ICT management.

I've always been fascinated by the technological challenges of managing constant exponential growth and, despite the irritating American spellings, I thought this a good, well-presented (simple, for people like me, to understand) analysis of some key factors affecting IT evolution today, so, with permission from the author – Andrew Herbert, managing director of Microsoft Research Ltd – I have reproduced it.

Geoff sent me this link. There have been various projects that have attempted to exploit networking over power distribution systems over the years (Newham ICT even toyed with it - around 15 years ago!) but various draw-backs prevented effective exploitation.

This seems like a potentially practical solution, 'though, and I wonder whether it can play a part in the Newham Telecommunications Convergence project.

Adrian and I met with Philip Littleavon and Simon Norbury at the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) offices in Victoria to discuss prospective Socitm involvement in making Government Connect a success. Phil seems to be something of a Government Trouble-Shooter, having been involved in a number of high-profile projects that were going off the rails (including closing them down); not, he was at pains to point-out, that that's the way Government Connect (GC)is being seen! GC is now seen as a high priority with very high level backing.

We had a frank exchange of views. I had heard that Phil has a reputation for plain speaking, which I now think is warranted, and very welcome. We agreed that GC has to be seen in the context of an overwhelming proposition for pan-Government Shared Services, including ID Management and authentication for role-based access, and set within a Vision that enables the articulation of strategy and tactics – for example, addressing the longer-term "network of networks" strategy, as well as the shorter term GSI (Government Secure Intranet).

We also agreed to co-operate in a couple of areas (subject to agreement with the GC Team). Socitm will set-up a discussion forum for the GC Team and Socitm members in our GovX collaboration system. Phil will produce the Government Connect proposition for discussion and feedback via the Forum, so that it can both contribute to development of the Vision, and get the Government Connect USP (Unique Selling Points) across.

Socitm will moderate – referring issues that are outside the GC remit to other bodies, such as the CIO Council, where necessary, and ensuring a fair and balanced discussion. Socitm will also explore, with Simon Norbury, the potential development of services to support implementation and exploitation of GC in Authorities.

Otherwise, I spent my time dealing with correspondence related to the meetings I have had/am having with Socitm Activity Groups, and preparing for tomorrow's Board meeting. This, by the way, will be held at Camden Council facilities.

I am keen for Socitm to make use of its Members' premises, rather than hotels etc, wherever possible. Most Councils, and other public sector organisations, provide meeting facilities and catering at competitive rates, and it makes sense for us to take advantage of these assets and develop win-win relationship with our members' organisations.