More about Web 2.0

With the proliferation of Web 2.0 technologies in the organisation, Andy Mulholland, Global CTO at Capgemini states that CIOs need to realise that embracing such tools, rather than restricting their use, will lead to a more productive workforce. Adopting such technology will in turn see the IT department getting more involved in business strategy; a move that will take them from helpdesk providers to enablers.

…and the Evils of E-Mail

Meanwhile, it has been suggested that email is the root of work stress, and contributes towards employees being unproductive, tired and frustrated.

Research found that a third of workers felt stressed by the number of emails they received, and the obligation they felt to reply. It was also a constant source of distraction, with computer users typically switching applications 30 to 40 times an hour to view their emails.

Not only that, another survey found that two thirds of senior executives checked their emails whilst on holiday. Although respondents commented that it was curiosity and not necessity that made them check their emails, only 15 per cent said that they received full support from their company in achieving a work-life balance.


For most of the day I was involved in portfolio manager appraisal interviews. During the course of these we developed proposals for additional ICT portfolio management responsibilities to be discussed at our monthly team meeting on Thursday. These included each portfolio manager adopting a client role for internal services supplied to ICT. Yes – we are going to ask our internal service suppliers to agree partnership agreements for their services to us.

I am pleased to say that Redbridge Council, the present employer of the successful applicant for our temporary portfolio management vacancy, has agreed to second him to Newham, which I think very much in the spirit of shared service and sharing that we all now espouse to.

I read a report on Information Security Management System – Risk Assessment prepared for us by a resident who is an Open University student and preparing an Information Security Management System, working with our ICT Security Officer, to meet our aim of complying with ISO 27001.

It was a thorough report and I was interested to read that he had persuaded us to change our stance on certain aspects of risk management. Newham ICT has a long tradition of providing work experience, and of working with students, which generally provides real win-win outcomes.