In March I got an e-mail welcoming me to "my" Truprint account, followed by a confirmation of my "Photoprint Gift order" to be delivered to CRC, 30 Great Pulteney Street, W1D 9NN.

I immediately wrote back to Truprint to advise that I had not opened an account, and knew nothing of the order. A subsequent e-mail from them confirmed that "my" order had been completed, but the only response I got from Truprint in response to my e-mail confirmed the account in my name, and gave details of the order.

As I could not log into "my" account, and/ or provide a password, clearly, Truprint would not give me any further information. I checked my bank and credit card accounts, but could find nothing amiss, so did nothing further for the time being, although I intended to contact Consumer Direct when I had more time.

When I got home today, my post included a Credit Alert Notice from Experian, as part of my Identity Theft Protection service. This advises me that a Credit Card/ Store Card from Goldfish Bank Limited has been obtained under my identity and, to date, has a balance of £1,466.

Needless to say, I know nothing about this. I'll keep you informed of developments as I try to resolve these problems and, if necessary, repair my excellent credit rating!

Following yesterday's filming session for this year's "Microsoft Group Exchange", a colleague sent me this link, saying I had a lot to live up to…

I've no idea if it's genuine, but the film seems professionally (and expensively) made. Either way, the performance is certainly a lot better than mine!

Incidentally, if you have ever seen the famous video(s) of Steve Ballmer bounding about the stage saying what a great company Microsoft is – that's at MXG.

Another colleague, aware of our interest in, and deliberations of, Data Centre developments, sent me this… I like the analogy with container ships - and have no doubt, given the exponential growth in storage demands, that this technology will be with us very soon.

Some Newham ICT staff have said they've seen more of me since I embarked upon the Socitm secondment than they ever did before! I was back in the office, today, for a meeting with an HR representative concerning a personnel matter.

…But most of my day was spent on Socitm business and preparing for tomorrow's AGM (Annual General Meeting). Adrian and I will present a strategy briefing before the AGM and EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) to change the Society's constitution and adopt a leaner board and more flexible structure. I added to an excellent presentation that Adrian developed for regional branch briefings.

At the end of the afternoon Piers and I met with Bob (executive Director of Resources) and Helen (Head of Legal Services) at Trowers and Hamlin's offices to discuss various legal matters connected to our Telecommunications Convergence, Data Centre and Mobile Portal projects.