Until yesterday evening I had convinced myself I was in Birmingham, today, and arranged a session with Vicky's partner, Joe, at their offices to brush-up on my presentation abilities.

When I sat down to plan my journey, 'though, I realised I was actually supposed to be in Manchester! Clearly, I am losing it!

Adrian and I met with the NCC's Kylie Smith and Ian Jones, at their Manchester offices, to discuss events management. We had a productive meeting, recognising a great deal of synergy between our organisations, which should lead to a NCC proposal for a Socitm Events Management service.

Afterwards Adrian and I stole half an hour to catch-up on business at a local cafe, before he had to catch a train to London for a meeting.

Vicky had 'phoned me to say she needed 120 words for the Socitm President's dinner menu, so I lingered long enough to do that on my Smart 'Phone, which I don't recommend ('though for some reason it didn't occur to me to use Word Mobile, which would have been easier).

I had been due to have lunch with Ian Dunmore, but he had to cancel because of problems back at the office, so returned home and worked on correspondence through the evening.

To date, we've received 123 responses to the survey on Microsoft software usage, and a few queries, two of which, from my colleagues Simon Berlin and Glyn Evans, make aspersions about my survey design skills! I'll respond to all the points raised in another Socitm mail-shot, next week.

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