Last night I stayed in Hull, and was able to continue getting up-to-date with correspondence, using the hotel's Internet, in the evening and this morning.

I then spent a good part of today driving to the National School of Government, at Sunningdale Park, in Ascot, where a Local Government CIO Council is being held tomorrow, starting with a reception and dinner, this evening.

Yesterday, colleagues from Socitm met with Dane Wright, from Brent Council, to discuss taking-on its "e-Government Register" (which, as I previously mentioned, was demonstrated to the last Socitm London Branch meeting) with the aim of migrating our Supplier Index to it.

The meeting went well, but there's a fair bit of work to do, so the transition will likely take place over the next year, co-ordinated by a joint board. Steve Pennant offered support from London Connects.

The Public Sector Infrastructure Team met today, but I again missed the meeting. It's currently doing interesting work on Data Centres, Unified Communications, Data Transfer and Public Sector Network, but I am still unclear of the strategic context and fit with other Government Work-Groups, so I'm suggesting a meeting of any Socitm members who are involved in any of the Government Teams to see if we can clarify the relationships.