BBC: "Employees should have access to social networking websites such as Facebook during office hours", the TUC has said.

However, views are divided and towards half of all UK employers including, most recently, Kent County Council, have barred all employee access.

Facebook started-out as in the US as a College networking tool but, of course, students finish their studies and get jobs. The biggest employment-related Facebook networks are now:

  • United States Army 47,462 members
  • IBM 15,870 members
  • Microsoft 13,056 members
  • Ernst & Young 11,609 members
  • United States Navy 11,504 members

Out of curiosity, I searched Facebook for "Newham". There are numerous groups, including:

  • Langdon School 314 Members
  • St Angela's & St Bon's 6th Form 613 members
  • And The London Borough of Newham Appreciation Society 808 members!

Newham University Hospital appears to have the largest work-related Facebook group.

Newham Council's own Internet Usage policy will be reviewed at forthcoming Risk Management and Information Governance Group meetings. Currently, we permit some personal use provided it does not interfere with the performance of duties, and complies with all other conditions of service. [NB this information is being produced in my own time, and using my own computer!]

I started my day at Ian Walker's office at Folkestone Road Depot, in discussion of CCTV development plans, and their linkage to 2012 developments.

Next, was the Trent (HR) Project Board. A main agenda item was development of the Accident, Incident and Ill-Health modules, replacing current disparate databases.

As a by-product of this meeting, I was interested to learn about the Health and Safety Executive's stress assesment tools, given my previous remarks about views of stress from the ICT work-force.

Attended my monthly one-to-one with Bob.