The Head of ICT and I met for lunch with colleagues from one of our external providers to discuss, among other things, revisiting and reviewing our original partnership commitments, and strategy going forwards.

We also discussed work we are doing to identify opportunities for improvement, one of which is probably project management of our own projects. Our ESC said something along the lines of "we plan strategically, but implement tactically".

I think that's fair comment, and obviously an initial area for us to concentrate on.

That provided some food for thought as I went into our ICT management Team meeting. We covered a lot of ground including, of course, feedback from last week's budget review and quite a lot of discussion about flexible working in ICT.

Some of the headlines were:

  • • SharePoint infrastructure to be ready in mid-October. Project Plan under development. All in ICT should now have unfettered access
  • • Some work started on mapping all ICT tools, schematics (such as "FlightPath") and Performance Data to make them more readily accessible to all.
  • • Discussion of fibre network options for Building 1000.

Later, I met with a representative from Nortel, concerning possibilities of business in Newham. Nortel claim to be delivering the first ever converged network supporting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, in 2010.