We've recently been exhorting staff to close down their workstations before leaving for the day. We’re also trying out automated shut-down procedures, which were switched-on for the whole council last night. Some 1200 machines, which had been left running, were remotely shut down at 8pm.

Dhanwant Rai, from Corporate Research, attended the ICT management team meeting to explain their work and explore areas of relevance to ours. Among the statistics discussed, was adult internet usage in Newham (48.8 percent) versus London (69 percent) and the UK as a whole (61 percent).

The sort of additional information I would be interested in is mode of internet access from home. As a generalisation, poor people "pay as you go" and pay more for the same services than the affluent. So, I wouldn't mind betting that there are still significant numbers of our communities who use dial-up internet access.

This is important as it's one of the perceived inequalities to be addressed though our goal of 100 percent Newham broadband coverage from the Telecommunications Convergence project.

Bob's Resources management team meeting was also today. Karen Lawlor persevered in patient explanation of the use of SharePoint for the Resources Calendar, despite frequent interruptions from colleagues on important issues like the professionalism of screen designs!

The chief executive attended for part of the meeting to discuss, among other things, the developing approach to senior management performance appraisal. The drive for performance targets for resources service heads will be to ensure that we encourage and enable front-line services to manage and utilise resources effectively.