Mercifully, two meetings were cancelled, today, which provided the opportunity to catch-up with correspondence, and have a fairly free weekend!

I had lunch with Martin Scarfe to be updated on NeAT, and to discuss participation in the ALIP (Assisted Living Innovation Platform) and Health Hub bids led by the BRE.

The Public Sector Mobile Portal (PSMP) launches in Newham on Monday.

Thanks, again, to all those who completed the Microsoft Software Contract Survey. Summarised and detailed results have been sent to all those who provided e-mail addresses.

One more week to go before the Silicon.Com-Rades sleep-out to raise money for “Action for Children” (was NCH – National Children’s Homes). Thank you very much if you’ve sponsored me. I’ll be writing with my thanks to all sponsors after the event. If you haven’t sponsored me, please can I make a final appeal for your support?

Have a good weekend!

Please support my night sleeping rough for NCH - the Children's charity - on Byte Night by clicking here.