This was something of a schizophrenic day working at home for Newham on the Newham Telecoms Convergence Programme Management, and for Socitm on drafting organisational schematics.

I was interested, today, in a new slant on convergence, if only for the colourful language in "CIO News View: Metro newspaper goes free and 'e' to the web".

"Metro is the free sheet that has become as omnipresent at British city stations in cities as vagrants, prostitutes, drug dealers, pigeons and fast food wrapping." I'm not sure that the analogy holds-up for stations, but "Metro" certainly constitutes the vast majority of litter on tube trains, these days.

The convergence point is a serious one, and considering the growing awareness of green issues and social responsibility, one wonders why we can't choose to have the content Bluetooth-loaded to our smart phones.