I was up at 5am (4am UK time) for my taxi to the Airport (€175!) and flight back to London City Airport.

I attended the Risk Management & Emergency Planning Group meeting chaired by the CE, where I was to present on the main points raised at our latest ICT Systems Security Audit, and on ICT policies and strategy developments. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the display panel in his office working – much to the great amusement of the assembled company – so I had to do without.

The point of the Systems Security Audit presentation was that many of the findings require greater awareness of, and engagement with, the requirements by service users. i.e. They are not just matters for the ICT Service.

We also agreed a new "Acceptable ICT Usage Policy" following all the scrutiny, discussion and debate of Internet usage that has taken place this year.

Following the meeting, I had to get Gary to send someone to fix the CE's Display Panel so he could continue to get Sky TV!

Geoff, Gary and I met with Andy Lees and Brian Fenix, from HP, to discuss a number of matters, including how we engage in the "Public Sector Flex" benchmarking approach now being promoted with the Government CIO, and upon which I reported upon last week.

We also discussed the next phase in our partnership development and how to minimise power consumption. (We should soon know the results of our nomination for a Data Centre Energy Efficiency Award.) I will be speaking for HP about our Data Centre/ infrastructure refresh project at an event in January.

I met Martin Lewis (Assistant Chief Executive – Corporate Strategy) and Bevan Jones about my progress in documenting the updated three-year ICT Strategy – which, unfortunately, is not very great. However, I am fairly satisfied with the 10 strategic principles that I've drafted.

Martin and Bevan will record what they have identified as the "real life" issues facing the Council and Community, and I will then say how these will be addressed by these principles. That, plus the Persona developments being worked-up with Microsoft, will provide the bones of the High-Level Strategy to be approved by Newham's Executive Board and Cabinet.

I can then concentrate on guiding the documentation of the detailed technical strategy required to deliver the agreed aims and objectives.