Today is my last working for Newham and so, for now at least, after well over 300 entries since starting at the beginning of 2007, it's time to retire my Blog.

Many thanks for the many warm wishes and compliments that I've received, and thanks, also, to those who've shared their less than complimentary views in various ways ('though I personally think that name-calling, febrile comments and anonymity from some, diminish their value!)

I was again reminded of the need to keep things in perspective, when I heard the sad news, this week, that Socitm's Auditor, Christine Peacock, lost her fight with cancer last weekend, and I'm more than ever looking forward to redressing my own work-life balance for a bit.

So I guess that the value of my views may also be diminished, as I take the money and run, but I really do think that the current economic environment and the drive for Government efficiency and savings create the best opportunity that there will ever be for ICT to show how truly transformative it can be.

My greatest disappointment, as Socitm President, was in the realisation that a few of my peers prefer to criticise and obstruct rather than get involved, find solutions and make a difference, but there are many who truly inspire and whose influence, now, is increasingly holding sway.

May you continue to live in interesting times!