Adrian Hancock paid me a visit (his first to East London) and we spent the morning discussing our approach to the Socitm Vision and Direction work stream – which was very helpful for me.

The next key input will be an all-day workshop developing how to manage the professionalism agenda, at which we will be assisted by PARN (Professional Associations Research Network).

The afternoon was spent in Resource Services "Speed Dating" sessions with front-line services, at which I was accompanied by ICT Portfolio Managers. These sessions, which were held for the first time last year to assist in the development of properly resources annual service plans, have proved quite effective, and the extra networking opportunity to chat about our organisational environment, in general, is useful.

I decided, this week, that the time is ripe to run a series of data optimisation seminars, with the working title (following exchanges between myself and Geoff on the subject) of "Turning Data into Intelligence for Effective Customer Services".

I plan morning seminars, followed by discussions over lunch. The idea will be to show delegates how our systems inter-relate (using Newham's updated "Flight path"), demonstrate the approach to data quality surveys and improvement plans, present Newham's Information Systems Architecture and Customer Data Integration project, with information about related security developments such as role-based access.

The first seminar will be targeted at our most senior management and executives. We hope to start running them about the end of February.