I based myself at Building 1000 for the day, where we have a few hot-desks set-up, and wireless network provision. The building is connected to our corporate network by microwave until the fibre network is extended, later this year.

I attended Newham's Executive Board, which now meets at Building 1000, to present the strategic ICT principles. These were agreed although there were concerns about the implications for security and our ability to engage effectively in partnerships.

There was a brief discussion of some of the issues, but we agreed I would arrange to present the planned security principles to an upcoming NEB. Otherwise, there was a lively discussion about the amount of information to be scanned, our implementation of the EDRM solution, and our ability to do all this in time for the move to Building 1000 from July; to which I added my own concerns about staff readiness for New Ways of Working and the cultural change required.

We agreed I/ their ICT Portfolio Managers would brief Directors on the current plans, as we understand them, for their services.

I will also be invited back to board, together with Maggie (corporate lead on relocation) to review the overall position on scanning, EDRM and access to files.

With regard to our 10th principle – "Computer literacy is no longer an option" – the board expects that staff who do not use ICT in the course of their work should also benefit from our ICT infrastructure and self-development opportunities through access to facilities at locations such as Council Depots.

After a Trent (HR & payroll development) Board meeting at East Ham, it was back to Building 1000 for the early evening launch of "The Big Debate" – determining the best for children and young people in our borough, and ensuring Excellence for All.