In a teleconference with colleagues from Microsoft and Hedra, we discussed the plan for the upcoming quarterly review meeting of the shared learning group.

This quarter's progress has been disappointing and one member – who shall remain nameless having undertaken to lead a key activity stream – was impossible to contact during the entire period.

I have high hopes that OCS (Office Communications Server) will enliven our work through our abilities to collaborate in real time, exploiting presence information. But we also need to review our partnership in light of recent experience, to consider how we should respond.

In another teleconference with ICT colleagues and an auditor from Deloitte, we discussed requirements for a document management audit that's to start on Monday. My contribution was to suggest that they consider how we are going to read electronic archives created using today's media in a hundred years time.

I must be a glutton for punishment; auditors generally seem to find plenty to beat me up about, without my providing the ammunition!

One appointment that I didn't want to miss this week was to see Alicia Keys at The O2 (the former Millennium Dome), so I finished work promptly at 5pm. Chris and I had a great evening. The warm-up act, I thought, was really good, but I couldn't hear his name and have been unable to google him. I think the first name may have been Gervaise, but he's someone to look out for, in my view.

The main supporting act – Soul II Soul – certainly hadn't improved in 20 years (which is surprising as there was no room for them to get worse). Luckily, Alicia Keys' show was brilliant!