Our monthly ICT Management Team agenda included ICT performance indicators and organisational health, budget issues, SharePoint development, Building 1000 preparations, customer care follow-up, issues referred by the ICT Council and stress.

Concerning the latter, we hear a great deal, these days, about staff who are suffering stress from the pressures of work. I have just instigated a survey of staff who joined ICT from other services in the last few years, and a lot of the feedback received so far concerns stress.

We discussed what steps we should take to help colleagues understand and manage life-styles that are not blighted by stress. We are undoubtedly a very busy service, and we do take resources issues seriously, but being busy and being healthy are not incompatible.

We want all our colleagues to develop a healthy work-life balance. To some extent, stress is an attitude of mind; many successful professionals could not function without it.

We agreed to sponsor more open discussion of the subject, with professional facilitation at work-shops, and to promote greater use of the council's occupational health service; also to remind people that vigorous physical exercise is a great antidote – something I often have difficulty remembering myself.

Have a great weekend. I'm off to TVR's 60th anniversary celebrations at Rockingham. Back on Tuesday.