On Wednesday morning I acted on another of my "new year resolutions" by basing myself in the general office, for the day. Our office space in Building 1000 will be open-plan, in any case, but in the meantime, many staff think, I ought to be more visible, and I agree!

I met colleagues from Adult Services and the PCT to discuss supplier engagement in the TeleHealth Whole Systems Demonstrator project and our approach to contract negotiation for work required on the PDS (Personal Demographics Service) development as part of the Electronic Care Records development funded by the Department of Health.

Gary, Shane and I met Kevin Dougherty, from the Cabinet Office, to discuss benchmarking against the Flex contract. (I now realise this won't be fully live until the beginning of July, this year.)

Kevin explained the contract in detail, and we exchanged a good deal of information to enable us to do, initially, a high level comparison, before deciding whether it's worth embarking upon a more detailed study.