At this morning's Socitm London Branch meeting, I gave a short update on our corporate services review and restructuring, followed by an overview of the prospective datacentre developments that Newham's been working on.

I played an animation of the potential redevelopment, created by SNT Consulting, that showed the proposed construction using environmentally friendly technology such as CHP (combined heat and power).

I had to leave the meeting, hosted by Sunguard (datacentre providers!), slightly early to get to the Business Design Centre in Islington, where I was due to make a presentation at the "Public Sector Transformation Summit" on "Optimising Service Efficiency with ICT".

After I'd done that, I stayed for the rest of the sessions and an enjoyable and interesting afternoon.

A while ago I'd accepted an invitation to evening drinks with the CIO Connect advisory board, but again cried-off because of pressures of work.

However, the truth is that I wanted every spare minute to continue rebuilding my home PC following its hard disc replacement! I can hardly believe myself that I didn't have a system snapshot.