I was due to have spent much of the day in interviews for a portfolio management post. However, of the short-listed candidates, one withdrew and two did not show-up, and could not be contacted! Fortunately, the panel was unanimous that the person we did interview was an excellent candidate who we will have no qualms about appointing.

I had the first of planned monthly reviews with our BT Account Manager. She seems very capable and has learned a lot about Newham in a short space of time. Our main discussion points were:

  • Flexible working. BT Work-style will present their report on recommended work-styles for personnel relocating to Warehouse K on Friday. BT is keen to present the report to the Programme Management for the new back office accommodation. We have also planned a demonstration of the Portal that BT Work-Style uses as part of its evaluation process.
  • Understanding how we may work together in connection with our Network Infrastructure developments.
  • The BT Vision product. I am quite keen to explore opportunities for collaboration – perhaps through the NeAT2 programme.
  • Wireless developments.

Following last week's meeting, a network infrastructure supplier contacted us to say it is keen to engage at an executive level on the infrastructure development linked to regeneration, and is prepared to take some "skin in the game". I'm setting-up a meeting.