Monday & Tuesday

The conference was a very professional affair, with big production plenary sessions, and a sumptuous conference dinner and entertainment, which included "Boom Chicago" – an act that I'd be interested in bringing to next year's SOCITM conference.

Its theme was "Beyond Compartmentalisation" but the content was, for me, disappointing. I formed the view that Holland must be around 5-10 years behind the UK in e-Government matters.

All the sessions attended by Christian and Ake (the Swedish colleagues) and I were translated into English by two translators who were on-hand throughout the proceedings.

The session with the greatest potential – on the presence on Second Life of the municipality of Zoetermeer – would have benefited from a live demo. The final conference session by Daan Quakernaat – a CIO columnist and presenter – was very good, 'though, and the hospitality and VIP treatment throughout were outstanding.