My sincere apologies to Martin Brooks, and colleagues at IDOX plc , which I referred to as “Adox” in yesterday’s Blog entry.

I can’t explain how I made such an error when editing text pasted from my speech that referred to “Plantech”; I guess I may have been a little woozy after the night before, but I’ve now corrected the entry (and have also added a photo of Chris and I after the dinner )!

I thought this story from earlier this week worthy of mention only because Experian pulled-out of a Microsoft SLG trial of Card Space for federated identity management; Eduserve took its place.

Socitm Insight’s “Web 2.0: what it is, and why it matters” event was held, today, at the Natural History Museum.

I originally planned to spend my day there, but it clashed with a Microsoft Agreement Project Board, which I thought I should attend.

The agenda included benchmarking, supplier intelligence and agreement of requirements, concerning which I hope, with the board’s permission, to publish the presentation that is to be circulated. The weighting of commercial, technical and social considerations is among the issues we are grappling with. There is now a consensus that this project is developing the model for public sector engagement with major software suppliers generally.

The Socitm survey looks like proving an excellent source of intelligence.

I got back to the Natural History Museum in the early afternoon, and attended the last sessions. It was obvious that the event was a great success.

I read a draft of the Web 2.0 report, published today, a few weeks ago. I thought it excellent, and commend to you. The report, and the rest of the day’s proceedings, are on a new Micro-site, launched today. This also has Blogs and Discussion Forums, which members are urged to contribute to, and should be a valuable resource . (Insight subscriber log-in required.)

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