Rob Watt and other colleagues from HP came in to discuss the strategy approach they've formulated following our meeting a few weeks back.

I was pleased with the proposals, broken-into themes of business efficiency, data protection, shared service, productive working, information assurance, citizen self-service, community services, commercial service provider and environmental and sustainable services. I now feel we have the basis of a very good project to both determine our road-map for the next 3+ years, and move into the next stage of our infrastructure development with clarity about how we'll exploit technologies such as virtualisation.

For some reason Geoff wasn't invited to our Star Chamber Savings Review meeting, so I attended alone, although Geoff will have responsibility for actions arising hereon in. These included preparations for our upcoming reorganisation, clarifying dependencies on the Building 1000 moves schedule and ICT engagement with the Mayor's business improvement agenda.

We are keen for Bob Heaton (Executive Director of Resources) and the Mayor to sponsor the "Data into Intelligence" seminar as part of the Business Improvement programme, so Bob attended our Management Meeting to preview, with the Team, , the presentation that Shane drafted, and made some helpful suggestions for improvement. We also overviewed the reorganisation plans, and finalised the famous "frictional growth" provision.

The Mayor and Cabinet meeting, at the end of the afternoon, was my long-awaited opportunity to present the Newham Telecommunications Convergence project. The estimated payback period went back to seven years when we agreed to remove revenue from traffic management from the business case because of uncertainties about sustainability.

The Mayor wasn't entirely convinced and, as the current business plan is complex, but deals only with strictly financial payback in phase one, excluding softer benefits and the appreciable commercial revenues in phase two that will be realisable if phase one proceeds, asked for a summary of no more than four pages, which includes these factors, for consideration at a "Mayor's Proceedings" meeting, next week.

I didn't stay for the special Council meeting that followed at 7.00pm, but Joe Duckworth, currently the Chief Executive of the Isle of Wight, was confirmed as our new CE. Joe is another blogger...