Piers, Alf and I, supported by Catherine Chappell, from Communications, met Michael Cross – the Guardian's Technology journalist – to brief him on the Newham Telecommunications Convergence project. He seemed impressed, but he couldn't very well say otherwise since we out-numbered him 4:1!

Michael's article in the Technology section of the Guardian strikes a chord as we deliberate, in Socitm, how to engage with the agenda that's being promoted by the Government CIO.

I strongly support the tenor of his argument. I also believe that "public sector IT professionalism" isn't a new discipline, and cannot present an alternative to the considerable body of good work that has already been done in setting professional standards. Neither should it distract us from dealing with the real issues of getting the basics right, or delude us into thinking that we need new public sector accreditations to ensure success.

I absolutely believe in professionalism but, in the main, I think the IT profession already has an abundance of perfectly good continuous professional development material. I agree with Michael's suggestion that what's missing may be the ethical dimension – our ability to stand-up for what we know to be right, and decry that which we know to be wrong.

I have asked Chris Losch to represent me at a forthcoming Microsoft Architects' Council meeting. The theme is of how the different architecture – network, systems, applications etc – relate to one another; the "architecture of architectures". Each attendee has been asked to prepare a short presentation of his or her views. Chris and I met to discuss our approach. I will prepare a few slides covering my "bird's eye" view of infrastructure, and Chris will prepare the view from a systems infrastructure perspective.

I met Dr. Mike Rodd, the British Computer Society's External Relations Director, to discuss potential development of Socitm's relationship with the BCS. In an extremely fruitful meeting, we agreed that it would be well worth a follow-up in a meeting with David Clarke, the BCS Chief Executive.