I chaired a bit of a rambling ICT Strategy Management meeting, and decided I need to tighten-up my act with a more focussed agenda and items supported by Executive Summary reports!

After that I had a one-to-one review of Information Governance with Ian. (I had earlier circulated his response to an audit of our Freedom of Information arrangements as an exemplar of the sort of proactive engagements with audits that I'm seeking.) Some highlights of our discussion were:

The Newham e-Mail Archive Manager is on track for implementation in the New Year.

Plans for an "electronic Post Room" are progressing, and procurement of a back scanning contract is underway.

Ian will produce an overview of our proposed approach to the Council EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) showing how Records Management, ICLipse and SharePoint fit-in.

New "Breeze" (interactive) training modules on Data Protection, Freedom of Information, Environmental Information Regulations, Reuse of Public Sector Information, Records management, e-Mail Archive Manager, ICLipse and Caldicott are being commissioned.

We also reviewed progress against his Service Plan.

In the afternoon, the ICT Council agreed we should ensure that all our SharePoint "My Sites" should include photographs. I was anxious that photos should be professional looking, unlike some of our previous efforts – but it turns-out we have an accomplished photographer in our number.... Taj – I need a word with you!