All too often, I find myself asking "why don't others see what I see" only to discover that, actually they (or at any rate, some) do see what I see. So - today's "revelation" from Gartner is that IP networking is a "no-brainer". I agree.

My day started at a Strategic Management Board to discuss the Council-wide restructuring, to be announced tomorrow. The re-organisation of ICT that I've previously spoken about will be part of that. This is shaping up to be the best and most thoughtful approach to change that Newham has embarked upon, in my experience, with carefully planned support and communications plans.

I met with our BT Account Manager for as our regular update. BT, of course, is now the Tier One Communications Services partner for the London 2012 Olympics. I told Fiona where we've got to with the Telecoms Convergence and Data Centre projects.

After lunch, Geoff and I had a meeting with Phil Pavitt, TfL CIO, at his office in Victoria Street. We discussed a number of areas that we'll continue to co-operate on – Data Centre, Network, PSMP, Smart Cards, 2012, desktop infrastructure – but it also appears there could be very real benefits to Newham on working through TfL framework agreements on procurement.

In the evening it was off to my favourite gig – Audit Board! This was entirely self-inflicted as I was unprepared for an item on prior year ICT Audits, despite the fact we had fully responded to the report, so had to make a return visit to explain our position. I thought I had learned my lesson but, on arrival, Marianne Wood, our Chief Internal Auditor (who has confessed to following my diary!) asked "you are prepared for the item on ICT Inventory controls?" Well thanks for the tip-off, Marianne, as I quickly prepared, and got away with it. Phew!