Today I worked from home and had one of those lovely days when, having started-out worrying about how the heck I was going to get through the work before me, I sailed through my task-list and felt all was well with the world by the end of my day!

So, I produced a briefing on prospective ICT Multi-Area Agreement developments linked to 2012 for tomorrow's Newham Strategic Management Board, spoke to Mike Simons (ComputerWorldUK) and Ian Dunmore (PSF) about Socitm supplier consultation and potential future management of Events.

I wrote a letter of intent concerning Newham's WiMax trial and associated matters to Padraig at the Intel Innovation Centre, responded to a media enquiry on storage headaches and natural language interfaces, updated Director responsibilities for Socitm's Issues and Actions List for discussion at tomorrow's Socitm Board Meeting.

I also spoke with David and Adrian regarding tomorrow's meeting, drafted a Survey of the Socitm membership on their use of Microsoft Licensing contracts (in connection with the OGC BS project on a new public sector agreement), responded to another of those occasional queries from students on proprietary versus "open source" and got up-to-date with correspondence.

I even found time to run some errands. So now I'm off to catch-up with the Olympics!