At our regular review meeting Ian Gibbs (Head of Information Governance) and I agreed-on the new name for the corporate group that leads on information governance and security matters for the Council – IAN (Information Assurance for Newham)!

Ian has drafted an updated Information Security strategy, which will be on the group's agenda at its meeting on Monday.

The ICT Staff Council met and considered, among other things, feedback from the last Away Days, which was generally good, but rather negative from the Infrastructure Team. Unfairly so, I thought, as there is ample opportunity to engage in the development of these meetings through the Staff Council. However, there clearly are issues for us to address in the planning of any future Away Days.

We have been trying to identify the cause of intermittent slow network responses since Christmas, which I know has been a cause of enormous frustration for many people, myself included. It now appears possible that this resulted from the way we implemented updated virus prevention software over the holiday. If confirmed, we clearly have lessons to learn about change management, and will ensure that they are learned.