BT Workstyle presented the work they have undertaken for us in identifying appropriate Flexible Work Styles for the intended relocation of some staff to a new location, known as Warehouse K.

The meeting included MCR, the Programme Manager for our corporate office relocation project, GH, Head of Revenues and Benefits, who is working with MCR on the project, and JMr, who leads for ICT on Flexible Working.

In the event, delays in the planned Warehouse K move have led to it being subsumed into the new back office programme, but most of the work will still be extremely relevant.

The presentation and report were thorough, insightful, and included straight-talking recommendations – such as executives must model expected behaviours, and space for four desks will be generated for every office eliminated. MCR said we'd easily fit six desks in my office. OK…I can take a hint!

We had hoped for a live presentation of the self-service portal BT Workstyle developed to enable application for, and provisioning, of the various work styles, but had to make do with a presentation based on screen-shots.

I met with BH to discuss the GIS Business case and feedback received. We agreed to take it to the September meeting of Newham's Resources Board.

In the afternoon, I attended a meeting at the London Connect offices, with Henri Reinbolt (Greenwich CIO) and Jon Cape, who is active in the development of community ICT models and represents, among others, Open Planet and CXS (Connected across Scotland) in Renfrewshire.

The meeting was really just for mutual updates, but connected with plans Henri and I have to wirelessly connect our boroughs. We also talked a lot about the emerging ESCO (Energy Services Companies) models based on ownership by social stakeholders, and their relevance to telecommunications utilities.

Afterwards, Henri and I adjourned to the pub.