Day two of the V-ICT-OR conference started in a LOLA meeting with representatives of Amsterdam University, who it is proposed will undertake a project on ICT professional competencies.

As previously reported, Socitm is piloting use of the Aspire framework, so the starting point, for me, should be to consider whether this can be adopted internationally.

Having done a little bit of work, we were entertained, for the rest of the day, in a visit, by train and tram, to Ghent. Following lunch, there was a walking tour of the city, and short boat trip, with aperitifs served.

In the evening we did a sort of "restaurant crawl" – with a dinner course taken at each restaurant. We returned, exhausted, to the hotel and to bed pretty early for a good night's sleep.

My learning highlight, for the day, was the derivation of the term "stinking rich" – from those who could afford to have themselves buried in church crypts, in the hope / belief they'd improve their chances of going to heaven – but I expect you knew that!