I attended a Council Shared Leadership Programme event at West Ham FC – "The Talent Deal".


Andrew Bull introduced today's Public Sector Infrastructure Team meeting, at Admiralty Arch, with his definition of infrastructure – "All those things below the line at which executives lose interest – until they don't work"!

This was another productive meeting – although the session on the "Blackberry Exemplar" left me with lots of questions:

  • What about Bluetooth?
  • Instant Messaging?
  • IP?
  • Network Interconnect?
  • Desktop Integration, Presentations etc?

There was an interesting presentation on an Ultra Thin Client project at the Rural Payments Agency, part of DEFRA, with impressive savings claims.

Peter Court, the Cabinet Office's CIO, spoke about the Flex contract that enables the benchmarking of ICT infrastructure cost components (previously reported by Computerworld UK) There are similarities with the costing "Per Seat" contract that Newham has with HP, so it will be interesting to see how we compare.

A paper on "Effective Public Sector E-Mail" was discussed and agreed. For me, it represented a bit of a lowest common denominator approach, but at least it's a starting point.

I said my bit about mapping initiatives, again. We previously agreed that PSIT members would catalogue all their representative roles, so we are able to gauge how much of the public sector we can realistically hope to influence. We have now agreed to record our own organisations' position in relation to each of the Exemplars that we agree and, I hope, to create an index of TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms))!