In my absence, Geoff presented to the Newham Executive Board on how our ICT Strategy will support efficient working as we move to Building 1000. He has been asked to present a fuller version at this Thursday's Strategic Management Board. Here is his synopsis for the presentation – although I think he may have forgotten about taking the dog for a walk!

"On the way to B1K, clear down email on the train, review meetings and tasks, generally plan day using smart-phone. See if any colleagues have reported in sick and make alternative arrangements for cover via voice, email or IM.

"Arrive at the building and enter using smart card, sit down at any desk that suits work-style preference and/or team location and log on using the smart card, linked IP phone is then logged on and responds to your internal extension and DDI.

Alternatively you may have a laptop and chose to work wirelessly in an informal touch-down point such as the cafeteria or a meeting room with project specific colleagues. Your soft phone on your laptop allows you to still be contacted on your usual number.

"Open email and see that you have post which has been scanned into ICLipse/DIP and can be viewed via your personal or team SharePoint space.

"Print agenda for your next meeting, it goes to a print server so you can pick it up from any printer, authenticated by your smart card.

“You forget to pick up the print and arrive at the meeting room, but it doesn't matter that you've forgotten because the agenda and all minutes, papers etc are in a Sharepoint Meeting space and are projected onto a screen in the meeting room, & even better, you haven't wasted the ink and paper because it never got printed, and will be cleared off the print server overnight.

"Open email, view associated documents on Sharepoint, see green light next to colleague's name (presence) – know they are online and talk to then via IM or call then on their extension which redirects to their soft-phone in the office or at home. Liaise with team mates through a SharePoint discussion forum.

"Leave slightly early to attend kids open evening, pick-up and respond to emails on the train using push-email, set up meetings & tasks for next day, put the kids to bed. Have dinner, drink, watch TV, then log-on later from your home PC using OWA or Terminal Server and write that report that needs to be ready for the next morning.

"Switch off PC & phone. Have another drink, zap some aliens, watch footy (Arsenal/Man U lose), argue with partner, make up, go to sleep."

Henri Reinbolt called me to let me know that Bharat Jain, who Project Managed the Nomad Wireless Forum, which I chaired, and has been working with us on our wireless plans, has accepted a post with BT as their Wireless Programme Manager. A shrewd move on its part.

The following link is to SOCITM's first web-cast – of its recent Southern Regional Branch meeting. I don't suggest that you play it all through (unless you had wanted to attend the meeting) but it's noteworthy in being the first of its kind from SOCITM, on a contemporary subject, and containing a lot of resource. Nick, the Region's chair, freely admits that there are a few learning points for him and us all, but all credit to him for taking the plunge.