I forgot to mention, last week, that I met with ICT colleagues to discuss the software infrastructure for "Building 1000". We have concluded that we cannot yet adopt Windows Vista because too many of our other software suppliers have not tested their products, and will not warrant their use, under Vista.

We will be adopting Office 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Services, and package all work-stations in readiness for Vista at the same time as we build them for XP, with a view to cutting across at the earliest opportunity.

Geoff and I attended Newham's Recruitment and Retention Board to present this year's proposed benchmarking of ICT salaries.

I met Matt Cole, who is the new lead from Hedra for the Microsoft Shared Learning Group Programme Office, for lunch, to discuss the agenda for our forthcoming Quarterly Review Meeting, to be hosted by Kent.

After lunch I met with representatives from Siemens to talk about London's Public Sector Network project, and Newham's own network development proposals. One of them is a regular acquaintance through SOCITM London, and is a Milton Keynes Councillor (and its e-Champion). Milton Keynes is working with Pipex on a broadband wireless infrastructure, which we are watching with interest as Pipex is one of two national licence-holders for wireless spectrum that can be used for Wimax.

I finished the day in a three-hour meeting with HS, AR and our external legal adviser, planning the legal and procurement activities to support the completion of the full business case for the proposed Newham broadband network infrastructure development. In a productive meeting, we agreed upon 5 separate (but concurrent and linked) procurement strands.