Today was this week's home working day. For my own amusement, I compiled some statistics. I started the day at 6.45am with 176 unread e-mails, and finished at 6.00pm with 42 unread. I don't know how many arrived during the day, but my deleted folder contained 190 items, of which 76 were unread.

These totals exclude "for information" messages and junk mail, filtered-out for me by my PA, and office communicator (instant) messaging, which we have started trialling within the ICT Service.

I sent 92 e-mails, which is obviously far too many – sorry, colleagues, to conspire in the information overload; I'm going to mend my ways! The way my working pattern has developed, I deal with most of my correspondence when working from home – but this isn't sustainable; I have to make more time for the strategic stuff.

I got through quite a lot of my "to-do" list for the day, but there were still 12 items on it when I stopped work!

I also spent a fair amount of time on dialogue and discussion of government infrastructure, including a telephone conversation with Wayne Horkan, Sun's Chief Technologist for the UK and Ireland, who has undertaken much analysis of the subject. I'm trying to get him invited to present to the public sector infrastructure team.

…and I started preparation for my slot at the Mayor's upcoming budget star chamber!

I'm proud to say I didn't do any printing (although the printer was switched-on all day – not very green - and, what's more, it's my money that I'm wasting!)