I met with Piers and Alf to discuss the final business case for our proposed converged saturation broadband infrastructure project, which is ready on schedule. It's not clear, yet, whether it will be reported to December's Cabinet meeting, as any investment decision will be made in conjunction with the consideration of next year's budget position – which won't be finalised until February. Bob will discuss this with the Mayor, and we will know on Monday.

David Wilde, the CIO, and a colleague from Waltham Forest came to view our Assisted Living/ TeleHealth Show Flat. They, and neighbouring authorities, including Tower Hamlets and Redbridge, have their own Tele-Assistance projects developing, and there is growing interest in a regional approach – especially through a shared Call Centre. David and I will therefore be proposing this as an agenda item at the next NE London ICT Managers' meeting.

I attended our Resources Board meeting in the afternoon. The table in Committee Room 2 was weighed-down with paper and, notwithstanding our move to modern new premises, next year, I decided that we need to start getting into the habit, now, of accessing meeting documentation through SharePoint, and projecting reports, rather than everybody working from individual paper copies. I've therefore arranged for wireless network coverage for East Ham Town Hall's Committee rooms. (The whole of the Stratford Old Town Hall, where our next meeting's being held, is already wirelessly enabled.)

Norman Turner, Executive Director for 2012, had his retirement bash in the main hall at Stratford Old Town Hall, in the evening. Norman was Newham's first e-Champion, when he was Director of Leisure Services, and I reported to him for a couple of years. I will always be grateful for his support and advice in those times.

When I was doing that clear-out, earlier in the week, I also came across this video, which we had a hand in making at that time, and was subsequently used, in part, as part of TV advertising campaign to raise awareness of online risks for children and young people. The organisation that was set-up then is still active at thinkuknow.