"The best-laid plans o' mice an' men/Gang aft agley" or, for those, who don't speak Robert Burns, things don't always turn out the way you had them planned. Take a snapshot of the technology landscape today and by the time you've had it framed it will have assumed a sepia tint.

That's particularly the case at times when mergers and acqusiitons are rife and those times appear to be coming back. I was a little surprised that, outside of the Oracle-Sun agreement, bigger firms didn't take advantage of low stock prices to pick off weaker prey this year but the green shoots of economic revival seem to be making CFOs' noses twitch.

Yesterday's Dell-Perot Systems announcement followed Adobe's deal to buy Omniture and outside of the technology space there have also been signs of life in what had been a moribund market for M&A with Disney doing a deal to buy Marvel and Cadbury closing in on Kraft.

Technology is an infrastruture stock that tends to move in line with macro-economic sentiment. The feeling that business conditions are improving are already driving stock values up and the likelihood is that buying will occur quite quickly before stock values reassume higher gearing.

For CIOs this will mean the usual trade-offs. On the smiley side, there will be fewer throats to choke and the ability to achieve economies of scale with master suppliers; on the negative, there will be turnover of reps and a greater tendency to slow down innovation and lock in customers. As ever, it should be an interesting, and bumpy, ride.