So Cisco is buying Tandberg, a Norwegian company that not many people have heard of. Even with a hefty $3bn price tag around the neck of its latest asset it may sound like a so-what, another-day-in-the-M&A-office sort of deal. But this is a combination that will help revolutionise the way we communicate for decades hence.

If you haven't used it yet, you should run, not walk to try out telepresence videoconferencing, a killer mixture of hi-def video and high-fidelity audio, whether your choice of supplier if Cisco, HP or some network carrrier or service provider front-ending a service. I expect you'll be thrilled by the quality of the images and the ease with which international meetings can be established.

The only things that have held back telepresence are high prices and compatibility fears but the promise to rightsize corporate travel budgets, tick CSR boxes and maintain work:life balance for staff means telepresence will be one of the most widely adopted technologies of the next several years and become a big headache for airlines.

But telepresence could become a victim of its own success and already rooms are being booked out back-to-back at early adopters. The Tandberg capture extends Cisco's videoconferencing story to those that don't have the budgets for a room-based system everywhere. Very soon, I expect videoconferencing to span the home, the office, the boardroom and public spaces, with a tariff for every need.

If you've got a role in ICT procurement at your company, do yourself a favour and explore the videoconferencing options available now because it won't be long before this terrific, business-changing technology is everywhere.