Tonight, dear reader, my only shelter will be the velvet black sky and the only kiss goodnight I'll get is from the gentle rain falling onto my angelic head. That's because for the second year I'll be doing my small bit for Byte Night, the worthy open-air sleep-out that does so much to help youth homelessness charity Action For Children. 

I've heard plenty of lines about it not being a big stretch for a journalist to spend a night out without going to bed but at least that's a career/lifestyle decision rather than a necessity. So I'm asking you to dig deep.

Every Friday in this spot, thousands of you (perhaps millions if Omniture is wrong) are bent double in laughter at our excellent If Tech Firms Were... blog entries. You've howled through my contributions such as If Tech Firms were Football Teams (not once but twice), you've screamed doubly at If Tech Firms Were Movies, chortled at If Tech Firms Were Biscuits, rolled over on your back at If Tech Firms Were Rock Bands and its encore, and you've sat stony-faced at my colleague Mark Chillingworth's interloping If Tech Firms Were Formula One Teams.

So I'm asking you for a micro-payment here. It's 10p per entry for every arched eyebrow, 20p per giggle, 30p if you've laughed out loud, 40p (from your widow) if you've expired suddenly through mirth and a £5 for every one where you've not seen any humour whatsoever.

Together we can make it happen.