It only seems a week since the bad acid flashback of If Tech Bands Were Rock Bands was published but since then seven days have passed, a certain number of hits and retweeting have occurred and the clamour to get the band back together has reached what Ian Gillan or some other m-alliteraive mixed metaphor merchant might call a maelstrom. It's also an opportunity to explain away the original contention that Kings of Leon are just another Coldplay but not as good. My excuse: I'm really not very familiar with either of these acts, nor, indeed, much music produced in the last 20 years. But I'm not going to let that stop the rock 'n' roll dream so here are more daft comparisons based on the precondition that technology concerns have metamorpohosed into popular music acts. (FX: Dry ice and what have you.) would be The Doors. A maverick, bearded, wild-haired leader with a maginficient new style and schtick, magnetic energy, an ego to match and a cult following clustered around California. Nobody gets out of here alive... and certainly not without paying the monthly subscription.

NetSuite would be Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Mellow crew from the Valley making beautiful harmonies and spreading love and the SaaS word. Pass the joint(ly-tenanted datacentre).

Intel would be U2. Manufactured in Ireland, they'd like to think the world revolves around them and at times of maximum volume they might be right. Always preaching -- and usually to the converted. Hard to avoid wherever you go in the world. Love them or loathe them you can never leave them or lose them.

AMD would be the Grateful Dead. Outside of the true believers nobody has ever heard of them but if you believe then, man, it goes deep.

Cisco would be the Velvet Underground. Very wired indeed. You don't see much about them if you're not a subterranean type but their original sound is coming out of the walls, it's in the fabric of buildings, it's deep in modern groups, it's in the air that you breathe, it's everywhere you go. It's even beneath your feet if you can dig it.

Sage would be The Animals. Hugely influential Geordies even if everybody forgets about them when writing lists like this. Not this time though, bonny lad.

Sony would be Led Zeppelin. Classic act that was massive in the Seventies, disappeared for a while and can go quiet for spells but always threaten to be back and big. The original Walkman is history but the song remains the same.

Capgemini would be The Stranglers. Brilliant Anglo-French outfit never to be forgotten.

Corel would be Rush. Canadian rockers who were brilliant at their best even if it was hard to know what they were getting up to at their worst. Are they still going?

NEC would be Kiss. Big in Japan.

You've been a great crowd -- thank you and goodnight. (And have a lovely bank holiday weekend.)