Now here's something to cheer you up on the day the UK economy shrank for the first time since Deeply Dippy, Rhythm Is A Dancer and I Will Always Love You were in the charts .

A new poll by recruitment firm Robert Half suggests that CIOs are slouching towards Christmas with as much business enthusiasm as Jimmy Stewart in It's A Wonderful Life .

Our survey says that the biggest causes of stress for their IT teams were, in descending order:
36 per cent: rising workloads
22 percent: pace of new technology
18 per cent: office politics
11 per cent: work/life balance
Seven per cent: commuting

Hmm, this is a US-only survey but in my experience the biggest beefs for UK CIOs would involve work/life balance rather higher up, and a solid representation for the impact of the macro economy (presumably not provided as an option by Robert Half) and budgets. For London-based CIOs, commuting might also be expected to be further up the scale. Still, it might be assuring for CIOs in other geographies that the office politics of empire building, blame assignment and so on is alive and well in the land of Uncle Sam.

And it is almost the weekend.