“This is a really great place to work, we’re doing some really interesting things,” several CIOs in the last few weeks have uttered this sentence or one like it. They weren’t boasting, they were discussing the opportunities their organisations offer, yet these same CIOs struggle to recruit key IT skills.

In recognition of this challenge, IDG, publishers of CIO UK, has two projects that enable organisations to showcase the talent they have and the technology developments they create.

The Techworld Awards are a chance for your organisation to showcase its projects and teams. For the best project we are looking for a project that met business objectives with strong user acceptance and how the budget was managed and the subsequent return on investment.

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As well as saluting a recent project in your business, as the CIO you may want to give your team a much deserved pat on the back. The Techworld Enterprise Team award is open to teams that have fielded a series of projects that meet business needs, perform well and bring innovation into the organisation.

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There are also awards for start-ups and products. Each entry is £250 and the awards closing date is next week, August 29.

With CIOs looking to improve the skills base of their organisation and to drive up innovation IDG is reacting to this need by providing distinct editorial for direct reports in service delivering, project management, analytics, business relationship management and security. We believe that by writing about these communities we can demonstrate the work they do in your organisations, which in turn will attract talent to your organisation. If you have direct reports that are the rock stars of your department please do let me know as our editorial team is keen to tell their story.