That was the week where CIO salary rates came under scrutiny. The week started off at the weekend with the mid-rank newspaper the Daily Mail revealing that the CIO for the Youth Justice Board is being paid £350,000 they claim.

The tabloid newspaper, famous for its racism and appeal to under-achievers, says a Freedom of Information Act request revealed the salary of the Mike Mackay, CIO at the Youth Justice Board. The Scotsman was previously a CIO in the oil industry.

The problem here is not the salary, assuming he delivers what the job requires, but the confusing tangle of whether Mike Mackay is a full time employee of the Youth Justice Board and the value of consultants. The Mail, unsurprisingly either failed to understand the scenario or to explain succinctly.

As a tabloid, the Mail's purpose is to whinge, not to understand and explain. As soon as there is an IT failure at the Youth Justice Board or any other government body they will be the first to demand that the government employ the right people or outside experts, often called consultants, to remedy the disaster. It is calling for a cap on the bonuses of bankers, yet doesn't want the state to continue owning banks like Northern Rock, but if you fill an organisation with mid-rank staff you get a mid-rank product and then the product dwindles into oblivion. Hmm, that reminds me, the Mail is seeing sales fall, perhaps the right people aren't working there?

On the subject of CIO pay rates, IT Job Board carried out some insightful research, it revealed that CIOs in London earn more than elsewhere in the country. A survey that reveals the obvious, just what we need. I have yet to have heard of any trade that didn't pay more in London than elsewhere in the country. From personal experience I can reveal it is the same in Sydney when compared to the rest of Australia and that I'm told Parisians earn more than most Frenchmen. What next, a survey that reveals that water is wet?